Shipping a 2600 to CMS

I realize it's a little scary to pack your 2600 up for shipping. When I was younger , I was positively neurotic about transporting my 2600. Over the years I have learned through experience that they are in reality, very tough instruments. Compared to other synthesizers, ARP 2600's have a great track record as far as shipping is concerned. The plywood cabinet offers a great deal of protection. If you pack it properly, there is very little chance of damage. They were designed for road use and hold up quite well to shock and vibration.

Many customers use a packing and shipping service center to avoid the task of collecting materials and packing up a 2600. This method offers less hassle but is more expensive.

If you choose to pack it yourself , here are some tips to assist you:


2600p / 2601 Console: Wrap a layer of large bubble wrap around the closed tolex cabinet. Then place it in a sturdy cardboard box with 2 inches minimum of styrofoam peanuts on all sides. If you don't have the console lid, you must double box the console.

Ideal carton size for a 2600 console is 36" x 23" x 14". This exact size is hard to find. You can go slightly smaller on the 36" and 23" figures but the 14" is a minimum. It's best to find a box locally, but if you can't, sells an extra heavy duty carton that measures 36" x 22" x 22" (you can cut the 22" down to 14") that works very well. Unfortunately, they are only sold in bundles of 5. If you don't have a local Uline distributor, there will be freight charges as well. Uline #S-4682.

3604p / 3620 Keyboard: The same goes with the keyboard if you choose to send it. 1 layer of large bubble wrap and fill the box with peanuts. Pack the keyboard in a separate box - Typical size 12 x 12 x 41 inches. Uhaul sells a 12 x 12 x 41 "lamp box" which can be obtained locally. They also sell a "Sport Utility" box that measures 15 x 15 x 49.

This method of packing has had a perfect track record for over 25 years.

Do not send the AC power cord. Please take note of any missing slider caps, broken slider shafts and any major scratches or dings. Include a sheet with your name and contact information. You will be notified by email or phone when it arrives at CMS.

Insurance: Insure the console for a minimum of $5000.00. The keyboards are usually insured for $700.00 to $1000.00.

Carriers: UPS is the only carrier we can recommend at this time. No 2600 was ever damaged or lost in their dealings with CMS for over 25 years.

DO NOT USE FEDEX! Although they have never lost or damaged anything, our opinion is that their insurance policy is fraudulent. They will not insure antique musical instruments over $500.00 even if you pay for the extra insurance! Calzone/Anvil type cases are not recommended for shipping.

Checkout procedure: 2 to 4 days later you will receive an itemized report on your 2600 from CMS. You can pick and choose what repairs and/or upgrades you would like for your 2600. No work will be performed or charged to you without your pre-approval. Estimates for 2600's are totally free. You are responsible for return shipping & insurance.

2600's coming into CMS from the dumpster may incur cleaning charges. You will be charged a 35.00 cleaning fee if your 2600 front panel is very dirty, hair balls and mold are inside etc. Some customers prefer us cleaning up their 2600 since we have special methods for preserving the silkscreen etc. 2600's with severe mold, insect problems will incur additional charges - but this is rare.