Shipping your Odyssey / Avatar to CMS

At this time, we are only accepting Odysseys and Avatars for repair and restoration that incorporate the slider upgrade or “Lumina.”


ALL MODELS: Wrap 2 layers of large bubble wrap around the synthesizer. Then place it in a sturdy cardboard box with 2 inches minimum of styrofoam peanuts on all sides. If your box is only single wall, you should double box the synthesizer.

ODYSSEY - The ideal carton size for a Odyssey is: 28" x 24" x 14" or larger. This exact size is hard to find. DO NOT USE A 24" x 24" BOX. The Odyssey is 23" wide and a 24 inch wide box is inadequate! Local music stores often utilize a separate cardboard box dumpster that may contain large, double wall boxes that you can cut down.

LATE MODEL ODYSSEY: Please keep in mind that the keyboard on the "black and orange" Odyssey is fragile and needs special attention when shipping. The keys stick out and are easily broken. Some people like to tightly wrap the front of the unit in cardboard to protect the keyboard before wrapping up the Odyssey in bubble wrap. Calzone/Anvil type cases are not recommended for shipping.

Do not send the AC power cord (later models).

Please take note of any major scratches or dings.

Include a sheet with your name and contact information.

You will be notified by email or phone when it arrives at CMS.

Insurance: Insure the Odyssey/Avatar for a minimum of $1200.00.

Carriers: UPS is the only carrier we can recommend at this time. You will need a UPS account number for return shipping. FEDEX WARNING! FEDEX will not insure antique musical instruments over 20 years old for more than $1000.00 even if you pay for the extra insurance!

Checkout procedure: 2 to 4 days later you will receive an itemized report on your instrument from CMS. You can pick and choose what repairs and/or upgrades you would like for your unit. No work will be performed or charged to you without your pre-approval. Estimates for Odysseys and Avatars are totally free. You are responsible for return shipping & insurance.

ARPs coming into CMS from the dumpster may incur cleaning charges. You will be charged a 35.00 cleaning fee if your front panel is very dirty, hair balls and mold are inside etc. Some customers prefer us cleaning up their ARP since we have special methods for preserving the silkscreen etc. ARPs with severe mold, insect problems will incur additional charges - but this is rare.