Hans Zimmer recently installed the largest CMS system ever built - The MC-54HZ

Modular Systems ----

There are several standard arrangements of 9000 series modules comprising the MR and MC series modular systems housed in various enclosures. These systems are designed to interface with any MIDI to CV converter device.

The first thing you notice when you hear a CMS modular is the sound. Probably the most outstanding feature of these instruments is the quality and range of sound available. The bass and high end response of these circuits can't be touched by chip based or even hybrid designs. The reason for this is the "true discrete audio path" from VCO to output used only by CMS.



Modules ----

The 9000 series modules are hand built using only the finest materials available including military spec. potentiometers, knobs, and scratch / corrosive resistant front panel stock used by the US Navy. Internal connections are soldered and use minimal wire and trace runs for low leakage and added stability. All the connectors use real Switchcraft® parts. But the most notable feature of the 9000 series modules is the design of the circuits. Why are they different? CMS/ is a research facility specializing in high fidelity discrete audio processing. The audio processing sections of CMS/ modules feature a true discrete audio path. What is true discrete? It means no chips whatsoever in the audio path. Many of our competitors say discrete - but the real truth is, their circuits are hybrid - meaning they use a combination of transistors, chips and some even use the dreaded "transistors-on-a-chip" devices, and try to claim discrete. The 9000 series circuits use only hand matched pairs, expertly selected from individual, ultra-linear transistors. However, components aren't the only factor. Years of extensive research and hands on experimentation with differential discrete amplifier design have yielded some aurally outstanding circuits.



Enclosures ----

The MR series synthesizers utilize two different sizes of professional 19" rack mount cabinets. A 6 module cabinet that takes up 6 rack spaces and a 12 module cabinet that is 12 rack spaces high. They can be combined in unlimited amounts to form any size rack mount modular system imaginable. The picture on the right is the 6 space used for the MR-2 synthesizer. Also available is a 12 module, 36" wide, 6 space rack cabinet for custom wall installations.

The MC series cabinets are available in 2 sizes. The MC-24 uses a classic style, slanted hardwood, 24 module cabinet. The MC-12 is a vertical, single row of 12 modules that is often used as an upper tier.


The MC-24 cabinet is constructed out of solid red honduran mahogany using an internal extruded aluminum frame.
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