The Keyboard




Keyboard Assembly - Here's a shot of the keyboard frame assembly during contact cleaning and restoration. Like the generator, it has many compartments. They house the multiple contacts per key and the cam that engages the release function of all 72 envelope generators. The engineering is quite intricate and advanced for 1938. It sometimes reminds me of working on my old V. W.- Porsche.



Assembling the keyboard mechanicals. The envelope generators were in the rear section.



A message from the past - Jack Waters finished the keyboard assembly on 3 /11/ 1940




The Keyboard Assembly after restoration - I used the Altium PCB program to design custom circuit boards for the key circuit. 12 PCB's were mounted on top and bottom of the front component rail. The rear component rail, as well as the spring connector assembly were removed. 7 AMP connectors were installed, 1 for each octave and 1 for the keyboard power to facilitate transportation (ha ha). Note the 144 capacitors.


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