The Power Supply



The Dummy Load - A fellow Novanaut, Stephen Kamm gave me his recipe for a dummy load, so I can check the voltages coming off the power supply before I hook it up.


The underside of the power supply - The passive components were replaced at the start of the NRP. All the cotton covered wiring needed to be replaced to eliminate the contamination.



Underneath the rebuilt power supply - Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, this was a massive project in itself.




The rebuilt power supply - The outside was polished with steel wool and clear coated. The transformer bells were stripped and painted.




Extensive documentation was necessary as the power supply was taken apart to be able to wire it up correctly again. Also the transformers had to have their bells removed and reconditioned. The contaminated wire was removed at the winding connections and replaced with high temp wire. Insane, I know.


The Copper Plated Chassis - Huh? Yes, it's true. It was very difficult to remove the rubberized paint from the chassis to expose the copper finish. The plating was quite thick however. The nameplate says it was made by the Rauland Corp. Many early Hammond amplifiers were made by Rauland and Webster. In my opinion, Rauland made a better instrument.


The Field Coil Power Amplifier - These are highly regarded in tube amp circles, but the two 12" speakers just can't cut the high end. Here it is before a cleanup. This amplifier was also made by Rauland.





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