Repair, Restoration and Upgrades for Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments
CMS recently restored Peter Townshends ARP 2500 system. Click on this picture for more info on this restoration and other satisfied clients.
CMS Tech Service has been servicing ARP, Moog and EMS instruments for over 25 years. CMS Specializes in ARP modification, noise reduction, and original factory service procedures. CMS also manufactures replacement sub-modules for all ARP instruments. Our service department always has 4000 series replica sub-modules on hand to facilitate your vintage ARP servicing needs efficiently and accurately. Please select the different services and info using the buttons to the left or the links below.
      The 2600 Pit Stop      

- Here is the direct link to detailed descriptions of the world famous CMS upgrades and modifications that are available for the ARP 2600. Get info on the Audio Path Upgrade that so many ARP users swear by. Adding sync to your VCO's. Upgrading the sluggish AR generator. Increase the attack, decay and release times of your ADSR. Information on extensive modifications such as replacing the speakers with a highpass VCF and a 4th VCO.

For the customer who wants to keep his 2600 all original, CMS performs all the original factory calibration and repair procedures.



Planet 2500  
  - Extensive sonic improvements and noise reduction modifications to the ARP 2500 make it possible for the modern artist to utilize these legendary and extremely useful instruments in a present day digital studio.

Illuminate and resuscitate your:





    Series 4000 Sub-modules  -    
C.M.S. manufactures high quality replacement and upgrade sub-modules for all ARP synthesizers.
    Satisfied Clients -    
  The direct link to some of our most notorious customers.  
ARP history - commentary on some vintage photos of some early ARP synthesizers.
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