Sub-modules are small, densely packed, hybrid or discrete subassemblies that plug in to the main board of the module/synth somewhat like a large pentium chip. These are the core circuits used in our 9000 series synthesizer modules.

Recently added to the line, is the 4040 and 4080 series. These are high fidelity, analog processing sub-modules designed for use in the CMS 9000 modular system. Painstaking research in vintage differential transistor design culminated in the creation of five new sub-modules with remarkable aural qualities.

New for 2004 to the line is the 4042 Phatron VCF. The Phatron moniker is no sales gimmick. This new circuit developed here at CMS/ fully exploits the hidden potential of the classic ladder filter design, yielding a filter with exceptional clarity and power. All ladder filters are not made equal. The special Phatron support circuitry makes all the difference.

Also of notable mention is the new 4047 Ultra-linear Discrete VCO sub-module, producing one of the fastest and straightest sawtooth waves in history. Ultra precision tracking and no noticeable drift.






4080 DISCRETE OP AMP - (used in the CMS 9015 mixer) - 75.00

For the true audiophile in your ward. A discrete, high fidelity, super high slew rate audio amplifier housed in a 1 x 1 x 1/2 inch module. But the great thing about this baby is that it uses the standard 8 pin dip pattern, so you can now install discrete gain stages in any equipment using single op amp chips. Guaranteed to be ultra low noise and chip free.


4087 DISCRETE ULTRA-LINEAR VCO - (for the CMS 9001, 9002 and ARP 2600)

Many people think that the filter is the crucial component in determining the sound character of a synth. This is only partially true. What we have found through our research, is that VCO waveform and design is equally, if not more important. If you don't have a accurate and sharp wave to begin with, the filter can't do its proper job. This new discrete design by CMS has amazing harmonic content. A super sharp sawtooth waveform. Rock solid tracking and drift specs.

4042 PHATRON VCF - (for the CMS 9004 dual mode filter and ARP 2600)

The 4042 is a new filter designed for use in the CMS modular system. Superior tonal quality. High resonance content. Solid low end response. This filter is the culmination of a decade of research by CMS on the ladder filter design. We think this is our (or anyone's) finest sounding hybrid filter to date.

4082 DISCRETE VCF - (for the CMS 9005 lowpass VCF & ARP 2600)

This high fidelity, super linear, purely discrete design based on the Moog ladder, takes the next step in sound quality improvement. Designed by Phil Cirocco at CMS, this module also features a high speed, high current, discrete output stage that really brings out the beautiful sound of the ladder core.


4088 DISCRETE VCA - (for the CMS 9007 dual VCA and ARP 2600)

Another new entry from CMS designs is the 4088 discrete VCA. This high fidelity, low noise, ultra linear VCA reproduces waveforms with stunning clarity and speed. Guaranteed to be chip free. Very low noise specs. Super high slew rate. Totally transparent. Since the oscillators in a 2600 are already discrete, a 2600 fitted with a 4082 for the VCF and a 4088 for the VCA turns your 2600 into a discrete synthesizer.


The 4080 discrete op amp is the only sub-module we are selling separately at this time.

Please see the sub-modules page under Arptronics for additional sub-module ordering information.

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